The Refuge

Korogocho, commonly referred to as "the dump," is one of the largest slum neighborhoods in Nairobi, Kenya and is home to 150,000-200,000 people in a 1.5 kilometer area. It has been deemed the 7th worst natural disaster by National Geographic. In 2006, an orphanage was established in Korogocho to help the estimated 60,000 kids on the streets of Nairobi. It was given the name The Refuge.

The Refuge is a place of rescue for these desperate and disadvantaged children. Created to meet their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, the Refuge uses love, care, and daily instruction to empower the children to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation.

There are currently 196 students, ages 3 to 15 years, who are ministered to on a daily basis. Eighteen orphans live at the school and receive full time care. Other children come daily for schooling and care, while their guardians try to find jobs or go to the dump to search for items and food. Each year, each child is given one uniform. All students receive porridge for breakfast and a nutritious lunch. The orphans also receive dinner.

In the 2017 school year, the Refuge graduated nine 8th grade students who will continue their education into high school.

The Refuge is changing the lives of children every day.