My Father’s House

MFH2My Father’s House is a children’s home in Dakar, Senegal. This home is designed to provide a Christ-centered family environment with a loving house mother and father who care for no more than 10 children at a time. The children are provided nourishing meals, enrolled in a private school, and taught biblical principles to help them grow into independent, family oriented, productive adults.

The vision for My Father’s House was birthed when a team called Friends in Africa traveled to Senegal to provide medical care to people living in poor and remote villages. While there, they became aware of the vast number of impoverished children. The team could not imagine leaving the children and their needs behind. In 2006, My Father’s House was established.

Caring for the children now living at My Father’s House is a privilege. Our dream and priority is to replicate this family environment for many more children in Senegal. Our desire is to see these children grow into strong Christian leaders who will take responsibility for their own economic and social well-being while making a great impact on their nation for the Kingdom of God.













Check out these two videos about My Father’s House:

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My Father’s House