Friends in Bangladesh

FiB4Friends in Bangladesh strives to nurture both the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Bangladesh through the auspices of Christian communities.

Our service, based on consultation with local leaders, has included:

  •  Medical Clinics

Friends in Bangladesh has conducted three medical clinics since 2009, treating over 3,000 people. These clinics provide the basic medical and dental needs of local villagers along with free medicines.

  • Feeding Programs

In conjunction with our medical clinics, we have also conducted feeding programs, giving the local populations a nutritious meal.

  • Fresh Deep Tube Water Wells

Despite the fact that Bangladesh is essentially a river delta, there is a lack of fresh, clean, drinkable water. These deep tube wells go down 600-800 feet to find potable water. Over the last three years, Friends in Bangladesh has drilled at least six wells that the local populations can use free of charge.


  • Pastoral Support

Currently, Friends in Bangladesh provides monthly support to 25 local pastors, enabling them to dedicate their efforts to their ministries full time.


  •  Churches and Schools

We are now in the process of building a new church building in Machimi Village on land specifically purchased for that purpose. This building will also be used as a school for the local population.

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