Steve and Kate Gamble


Heartbeat International Ministries (HIM) was started in 2004 by Steve & Kate Gamble, two ordinary people with an extraordinary vision. Being given a second chance in their own life, decades before, they live to give back.

Their span reaches around the globe from developing nations where they sponsor free medical clinics, feeding programs, two orphanages, and supplying clean safe drinking water, to reaching the needy in their own back yard of NYC. Taste & See, their feeding program in NY, feeds over 600 meals a week to Battered Women shelters, HIV shelters, and Homeless shelters, as well as feed the homeless right off the streets.

Heartbeat has also been heavily involved in disaster relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.

Kate and Steve are hands on with every ministry, causing them to travel several times a year. Heartbeat is a registered 501c3 and every penny donated goes directly to the needs.