Taste and See

What if the question around your holiday table this year wasn't "What are you grateful for?"but rather, "How are you changing the world because of that gratitude?"

The mission of Taste & See is to improve the quality of life within our nation's most impoverished communities by providing hot, nutritious meals, with both quality service and compassion.

In the wake of Super Storm Sandy, Heartbeat International Ministries responded to the devastation by cooking and distributing hundreds of meals to the most desperate neighborhoods in New York City. Through this response, Taste & See was born and grew into the feeding program it is today.

This ministry started in the South Bronx of New York. Wholesome, home-cooked, hot meals were prepared weekly by a team of volunteers and delivered to the poorest communities in the tri-state area as well as the city's most vulnerable street-homeless throughout the five boroughs. Our team partnered with local churches and outreach centers to distribute the meals.

The Taste & See ministry has now redirected efforts from the soup kitchen in the Bronx to a donated food truck that will serve disadvantaged communities. The truck will be used for dire needs in dire times, offering assistance to those who have lost everything.

Rotisserie chickens, roast pork, seasonal vegetables, salads, hand-cut french fries, and homemade pasta are just some of the items on Taste & See's menu. Taste & See also provides a take-out service where meals can be brought to other family members and individuals who are unable to leave their homes.

  • Making sure the youngsters were fed.
  • Feeding the hungry after the storm.
  • Trying to keep warm and fed.
  • Feeding on the streets of the Bronx
  • Our volunteers helping a community in need
  • Our organization's founder cooking a huge batch of soup
  • handing out soup to Sandy victims
  • A smile in the midst of the disaster
  • Teaming up to help
  • Super Storm Sandy's destruction
  • This one speaks for itself.
  • Super Storm Sandy's devastation.