Friends in Africa

 Friends in Africa changes lives by providing medical and dental treatment, food programs and health education to the poor, sick and starving people in Senegal, Africa.


Teams of volunteers from the United States, working with Senegalese physicians, dentists, nurses and pharmacists, conduct quarterly two-day clinics in the slums and remote villages surrounding Dakar.

Life in Senegal can be grueling. Poverty is widespread and health care, sanitation and education are often non-existent. Life is made so much harder because of treatable illnesses and injuries. Infections like conjunctivitis cause blindness because families cannot spare $10 for medication. Cuts and burns become fatal infections. Infants starve because their mothers are too young, too old or too malnourished to produce milk and no money to pay for formula.

It is simply not an option to leave these people and their needs behind.

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