Peter Gamble, Water Works

“The one good thing about music is that

when it hits you, you feel no pain.” 

          -Bob Marley

Peter Gamble identifies strongly with this quote, for it was his own love of music that helped lead him to his true life’s passion. As the fifth child of Kate and Steve Gamble (Heartbeat Directors and Founders), he had always been exposed to Mission work. However, it wasn’t until a trip to poverty-stricken Trinidad in 2005 that he actually felt moved to “join the family business.” While waiting for the townspeople to arrive for the free food and medical aid he and his group were providing, he began playing his guitar. After seeing the number of people who emerged from the brush to accept help, Peter quickly recognized his calling and returned to the States with the desire to see, learn, and do more.

In 2010, Peter brought the idea of missions and fresh water supply to a weekly church program he was involved in called Collision; the other young adults were encouraged by the chance to make a difference and became quickly involved. The group held fundraisers that successfully enabled them to implement water projects in several different countries. Three years later, Peter stepped into his role as director of Water Works, where he has continued to rally young people to become aware of and give to those in need of clean and sustainable drinking water. He has since done missions work in Senegal, Kenya, and Bangladesh and helped rebuild our own cities in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.

And, as Peter has experienced firsthand the joy and healing that music brings, he still incorporates it in all of his charitable undertakings, whether as part of a worship service or in a sing-along with children. He lives and works in NYC as a Freelance Audio Engineer, a job that has also taken him around the country and allowed him many interesting and exciting experiences.