Andrew and Tara Root, Directors

SAM_2425Andrew and Tara have been married for over twenty years and reside in Bedford, NY with their son and daughter.  Tara is a stay-at-home mom and enjoys home-schooling her children.  Andrew has worked in Finance for almost twenty years.

Ever since Andrew and Tara were teenagers growing up in Canada, they have had a desire to help orphans.  In 2006 they had an opportunity with Heartbeat International Ministries to go and help establish a children’s home in Senegal, Africa.

Tara was able to go to Senegal first to help a team prepare for the children’s arrival.  It was an exciting time but also heartbreaking to witness the degree of poverty and sickness many of the Senegalese people are facing every day.

In December 2006 My Father’s House was established in Dakar.  Since then, ten children have experienced a home that provides a nurturing environment, regular health care and an excellent private-school education.

Both Andrew and Tara have had the privilege of visiting Senegal on numerous occasions to visit the children.  It is a joy to witness their healthy development, to hear about their successes in school and to know they will have a chance to overcome poverty.