Karen Root, Director

KarenRootKaren has been involved in Friends In Africa since 2006.  Now homeschool mom of three, she previously worked professionally as a set designer.

Karen has always wanted to be a part of caring for the sick and needy.  Her mother was a dedicated humanitarian and it impressed on her that the needs of others were important and all around her.  As a teenager Karen worked with disabled people in her hometown in Ontario and also travelled to numerous locations around the world, including Moscow for more than 2 months, with various humanitarian organizations.

After traveling to Senegal for the first time in 2006 where she saw a level of poverty and desperation that she had never before been exposed to, Karen felt the incredible importance of helping Friends in Africa succeed and agreed to serve as chairperson.  Karen has been involved in various aspects of Friends in Africa including promotion, oversight and fundraising, especially through the annual Run For Africa.  She is excited that since 2003 the average number of patients treated each year has risen from 2,400 to just under 4,500.

Karen earned her Honors B.A. in Theatre and English from the University of Toronto in 2001.  She resides in Greenwich, CT with her husband, Al, and their three daughters.